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If you are not doing it, your competitors are.

You do not need millions of gigabites to get started!​

BIG data


"Big Data" refers to data sets so large in size that using traditional processing and analyzing methods is difficult. Companies are using big data to lower IT costs, increase sales, improve customer services and make business operations more efficient .


Secure Shore can provide any configuration of spaces and infrastructure to accomodate large volume customers which chose this location for their data centre. Full cabinets, private rooms, back up offices, cloud solutions are all services available in any possible size. The company provides IaaS (infrastructure -as-a-service), with high level of protection and security on every angle.

Data Center, Secure Shore, Private Suite, Nassau, Bahamas


Costumers that need complete suites with pre-installed infrastuctures can have any configuartion of enclosed open-spaces from 10 to 50 racks.


Prominent investment banks and trust companies have already moved here their back up offices and data centre, where the top level of security and protection is a 24/7 commitment.


Energy supply with redundant infrasturcutes via individual meters, single-phase or tri-phases with connection to ATS and UPS with different configurations

back up generators at Secure Shore Data Center in Nassau, Bahamas

Sets of generators and UPS guarantee energy supply during outages from the grid. Maintenance, rotation and tests are scheduled periodically.

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