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Secure your Document in the only Domestic Private Cloud

Document Capture Automation Delivered the Way You Want it

Easily capture, classify and validate high volumes of documents including paper, PDF, and even email messages and their attachments. No matter how they enter your organization, capture automation transforms them into usable insights that drive improved decision making and business outcomes. 

Convenience, Scalability and Accessibility

 Scan and extract business critical data from your everyday documents including emails, PDFs, MS Office files and more to deliver a single path for the flow of all business information.

A solution modeled to grow easily with your organization to give you the flexibility to purchase only what you need today, while affordably scaling functionality and performance features with your evolving needs no matter whether you choose capture automation in the cloud or on premises.

Design, implement and support your capture workflow at any time, through any modern browser, which  makes building out processes easy with components that can be arranged and connected in a variety of ways to create unique document workflows.

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