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YES, YOU can store VITAL DATA onLINE​ in the Bahamas

Every product and services that Secure Shore offers is protected from every angle. The facility itself has multiple security measures in place, including identity authorization check-points and 24/7/365 security staff that monitor the premises. The building is a solid concrete reinforced structure design to resist any external adversity.

In addition to physical security Secure Shore offers managed firewalls, guaranteed SLAs in relation to security instructions and disaster recover. Regardless of the solution you decide to use at Secure Shore we make sure that all of the necessary steps have been taken to ensure it will be safe from digital and physical threats.



Every type of digital data can be store at Secure Shore. Solutions such as NAS or SAN are available. The company takes responsibility for a perfect set up to enable a secure access and operation of client's digital archives, files, applications. and more. Real time and secure  access with high connectivity connection ensure that your business is secure and accessible for you only.


Clients can choose between the half or full rack options with different level of connectivity to install their own equipment. The centre has the maximum level of flexibility for customers that need to use a limited number of racks to entire private sections of the colocation centre. 



For many business it is essential to have proper data management in addition to storage. At Secure Shore we know how important for your business to have immediate and protected access to data at anytime. For this reason we offer back-up services, snapshot and mirroring of your digital information to prevent data loss and downtime.


For cloud solutions Secure Shore offers excellent pakages for this specific type of clients need such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. High connectivity and the excellent uptime ensured by a special combination of providers make sure that access to your cloud is always fast and relaible.


In addition to the other services the Secure Shore professional IT staff is also ready to support clients and help them to manage their data remotely as well as set up their data storage configuration. Everyhting is provided within the parameters set by Service Level Agreements established by the parties.


The Comonwealth of the Bahamas offers an excellent jurisdiction for business in which the territiorial factor vest a relevant importance. For this reason Secure Shore offers web-hosting service with different solutions for space and connectivity. SLA and policies are in place to regulate and limit the acceptable contents of the material hosted.

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